C.R.S  Paros Car Rental 

The C.R.S Paros Car Rental  started in Paros as a car rental company that has been active in the car rental market for many years. Having recognized the weaknesses in the car rental market, it focuses its efforts on offering a smart, reliable and economical choice for car rental in Paros for every customer.

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Car Rental Services

The company C.R.S Paros Car Rental provides you with modern, luxury vehicles at competitive prices. We have a rich fleet of vehicles, which aim to meet your every need safely and comfortably, during travel or leisure activities, business obligations and luxury events. Our modern fleet consists of:

• Small cars

• Family cars

• Automatic cars

• Diesel-hybrid cars

• Polymorphic cars

• 4x4 cars

• Exclusive cars

Luxury cars for weddings, christenings and other official events, meetings or events

Paros car rental 

We offer you comfortable, reliable cars that meet all specifications and have rich equipment and many functions to make you feel complete and safe in every move.

We remain open all year round, 24 hours a day, in order to offer you immediate response and fast service, combined with the high quality of our car rental services and fleet. 

The delivery and collection of the vehicles takes place at the airport, the port, or any other location you wish, at the time you indicate to us.In addition, thanks to the online reservation system of our website, you can be served immediately, wherever you are, whether you are an individual or a company, and benefit from the most attractive combination of quality and price of our services and fleet.

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